If you sign up for a TB12 treatment session at Encore Fitness Center, Rob Brennan is the Body Coach who is going to empower you to live pain-free and perform at your personal best, regardless of age or level of athleticism.

Starting September 22, Brennan will coach you through the same method Tom Brady uses to stay in the game. Developed in collaboration with Brady's own body coach Alex Guerrero, TB12 is a holistic health and wellness company modeled after and inspired by the famed quarterback's training regimen. It is built on a series of healthy daily habits across five pillars: pliability, nutrition, hydration, movement and mental fitness. The TB12 Method fully integrates these pillars, designed around muscle recovery and injury prevention to achieve longevity and pain-free living, through the help of solution-oriented Body Coaches, who develop a personalized treatment plan.

Rob Brennan is Las Vegas' TB12 body coach.

Brennan recently moved to Las Vegas from the TB12 Sports Performance Recovery Center in West Palm Beach. He is a certified athletic trainer and personal trainer, as well as a licensed athletic trainer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He earned a bachelor of science in kinesiology from Temple University and a master of science in athletic training at Shenandoah University.

"TB12 is not just for professional athletes. It's for everybody. We truly believe we can help you with your goals," Brennan says.

There are currently TB12 facilities in Foxborough, Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Tampa and West Palm Beach, in addition to Encore Las Vegas.

Brennan shares how to best prepare for a TB12 session, what to expect and how to keep the momentum going after you leave.

Q: How do you prep people for their first TB12 session?

A: Come in with an open mind. You may think TB12 is for Tom or for professional athletes, but then come in and have a session, and leave feeling significantly better. It starts to click, this can work for you. There really is no better ambassador than Tom.

Q: I show up for my first TB12 session, what can I expect?

A: I introduce myself, and typically, the first session is going to be either a 60-minute introductory session or a 90-minute comprehensive initial consultation, depending on time and budget. In the 60 minute, we'll spend 15 to 20 minutes talking about where you're at [physically], because your session is geared toward you. What I do with you is going to be different than what I do with anybody else. We're going to talk about your nutrition, hydration, where you are overall, what you're doing for recovery, what you're doing for fitness and we're going to meet you where you are. Then, I'll go over the next part of the session—pliability work. I'll work the muscles—wherever your pain is—get your muscles pliable. And then we're going to do some functional movements.

Q: What are some of the tests that you'll do initially?

A: I'll put you through movements, like squats and a plank, and assess core stability and overall strength. I'm going to find the areas where you have imbalances. If you do a squat and your glutes aren't firing, then I'll put you on the table and fix them. When you do the movement again, you’re going to notice the difference. I fix them through pliability work—which lengthens the muscle tissue and allows it to absorb more force.

Deep tissue and pliability work.

Q: Let's talk hydration and nutrition.

A: I recommend you drink half your body weight in water. Picture your muscles like this—let's say you go to you go to your favorite steakhouse and there are only two options on the menu. You can have the filet mignon or you can have the beef jerky, which one you're going to pick? We want your muscles to be more like that filet mignon, we want them juicy, pliable. In terms of nutrition, we recommend mostly a plant-based diet. It's going to be 80 percent plant based, 20 percent lean proteins. Mostly fish. It's going to reduce inflammation, which allow yours body to recover and allows it to do the things you want it to do when we put it through stress.

After your session, you'll receive an email that has everything we went over, what we recommend for you to take home and for you to continue to do in your day-to-day.

Q: What happens in the next session?

A: It's 60 minutes and we're going over strength deficiencies and whatever you struggled with in the first session. We're going to talk about that email following up with the things we went over in the first session. We're going to talk about your pliability and what you've been doing between sessions.

Our main thing is tissue work and then some type of motion. It's going to be based off your goals. In a typical 60-minute session, we might do 40 minutes of tissue work and 20 minutes of turf exercises for one person, but for someone else, we might focus on 20 minutes of tissue work and 40 minutes of exercise.

Movement is an essential part of the TB12 Method.

Q: How many sessions do you recommend?

A: Our goal is to front load and get ahead of whatever it is that you are dealing with. Our goal always is to get you to a maintenance plan, where you're coming in once a month or every other month. We're accessible in between sessions. You can email us and say, 'this is what I'm dealing with' and then we can provide guidance. For most people, if you're coming in, you have an issue. We're going to get through that issue and then it's going to be maintenance.

Most of the exercises we do use bodyweight. It's not that we're anti weights but we feel like you can do a lot more with bands—achieve a variety of motion without putting stress on the joints.

Q: What's the end goal?

A: TB12 works for you. Tom wants to play at that highest level as he is in the NFL, he's getting beat up every Sunday. He does it because this is what allows him to keep playing. Our goal is to help you achieve whatever peak performance is for you. If that's being able to play with your kids, we're going to help you do that. If it's being able to play in the NFL on Sundays, we're going to help you to do that. It's geared toward what your needs are and what your goals are.